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Voted "Most Likely" by the graduating class of 1995.

November 4th, 2014

Repurposing @ 11:28 pm

I'm reclaiming this journal for basic brain maintenance. I'm typically full of ideas I think would make interesting blogs, one liners, etc. I'm going to start forcing myself to write them out. At least for now, don't anticipate much in the social aspect from me. I'm doing this in an entirely self gratifying method, so, no offense...your opinion really isn't all that urgent here.

I'm changing the security on all my old posts back to private. You're not missing much, trust me. The last entry before this was over 5 years ago, and it was just a post of a tweet. Anything "of interest" was probably closer to a decade ago. I'm an entirely different person now. Like a snake, I've shed that skin and come out an older...fatter...grumpier...uh...snake.

As someone with some level of sanity intact, I'll also leave this disclaimer for anyone actually bored enough to have read this far: This is an experiment. I make no promises on frequency, quality or quantity. Basically, I'll show up, write something, and leave without a trace or hint of my return.

Voted "Most Likely" by the graduating class of 1995.